IMG_3501 Welcome!  I’m a Life Sciences teacher living in the city of angels.   The  dream of personal flight has been with me since I was a  very young  boy.  Watching far too many episodes of The  Greatest American Hero  only heaped fuel on the fire.   I love  reading and learning, being  outside and birdwatching, telemark skiing, and surfing.   Study of  Environmental Science  combined with time spent in wilderness  contexts has filled me  with what E.O. Wilson refers to as Biophilia.  We are a species in transition, learning to live lightly as we take control of our global climate.  Already there are a huge number  of  really amazing species that our kids will never get to know.   Change is inevitable, but we must avoid leaving our kids a legacy of biological impoverishment.  By their very nature, cars can be exceptionally inefficient for many purposes. This blog aims to show that our species is creeping toward personal, bird, bat and insect-like flight, and aspires to accelerate the process.   I’m happy to be part of a growing collaboration of bio-inspired professionals and dreamers who understand that the cumbersome car will not be the end result of our technological progression in transportation.  Check out the purely human powered flight of more than 70 miles in MIT’s Daedalus 88.  We don’t need to fly under our own power alone.   Personal, bird-like flight is a difficult challenge to be sure, but I’m convinced it’s possible, -even probable.   We are in a tight spot with climate change, one that will require a number of us to act as heroes together.   I see that happening all around me every day and I believe that history shows our species to be highly elastic in a pinch. At some point in the not-too-distant future, we will make angels of ourselves and in so doing, renew the face of the earth.  What other progression could be better?

All the best,  Karl

E: karltfrank@gmail.com

T: 360  394 0025


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  1. Communication is not easy for me. Please send me your email adress. Allready asked on your skype, but still search for certitude. I-m inventor and the flight is my passion.
    I want to learn about, please you help my effort.

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