Ornithopters in the 1920’s – George R. White

Stumbled onto this fellow this week:

Article in the St. Augustine Herald: Flapping Flier Flew Here

General note: Ornithopter: wing flapping, foot-propelled flying machine made by George R. White. Trial flights were conducted in St. Augustine. The ornithopter weighed 118 pounds, was 8 feet in length, and had a wing span of 29.5 feet. The frame was made of chrome molydernum covered with a non-inflammable transparent celluloid fabric. It crashed on test flight, but was later improved.

Text above copied from a photograph of the ‘White Eagle’.

4 thoughts on “Ornithopters in the 1920’s – George R. White

  1. I grew up around St. Augustine and never heard of this guy. You’d think with all the tourist attractions in “the oldest city”, there would be a museum or something.

  2. The article linked above mentions some video. I spent some time searching for it, but no luck. It appears that not everything is up on the web yet. Viewing the actual footage could be very instructive.

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